Corporate Social Responsability

The Symphony team promotes the principles of CSR and environmental regulations by providing its expertise in Sustainable Development to businesses and local communities.

Corporate Social Responsibility​

CSR consists of contributing to the company's Sustainable Development objectives. It is a global approach of progress, in the service of the competitiveness of the company.

ISO standards

ISO standards have many advantages, we can underline that they allow the companies which put them in place to get ahead of environmental regulations, to obtain a responsible image and to expand into new markets more oriented towards Sustainable Development. 

ISO standards are defined by the International Organization for Standardization, they come from independent bodies and therefore have no binding legal force. In most cases, ISO standards are a voluntary application, so companies that do not have these standards are not likely to be penalized. 


The most important ISO standards in terms of Sustainable Development are:

The 14001 standard, relating to an environmental management system. Standard 50001, relating to an energy management system and standard 26000, relating to CSR.

Our support approach:

- A commitment from the Direction and Symphony (Signature of a charter)

- A personalized diagnosis around the 7 central questions of CSR (ISO 26000)

- A common definition of courses of action.