Circular Economy

Circular economy

It is an economic system of exchange and production that has all stages of the product life cycle (goods and services), aims to increase the efficiency of resource use and reduce the impact on environment while allowing the well-being of individuals.


This model is based on the use of resources and the creation of positive value loops. It places particular emphasis on new modes of design, production, consumption, extending the useful life of products, reuse and recycling of components.


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Consumption (services)

Waste collection and sorting

Reuse, recycling,



in short circuit

The order of priorities for waste management is as follows:

Our current projects:

- Reducing waste from electrical and electronic equipment.

- Reducing plastic.

We mainly work in two regions, Indre et Loire and the Marennes-Oléron basin, through two SMEs, three large distributors and associated local and regional authorities.