Sustainable development in the territory

The Territorial Climate Air Energy Plan 

The law on energy transition for green growth (LTECV) strengthens the role of inter-communities and appoints them coordinators of the energy transition.

What is TCAEP ?

       The TCAEP is a territorial sustainable development project. It takes into account the entire climate-air-energy issue around four axes:

         Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

         Adaptation to climate change

         Energy sobriety

         Air quality

         The development of renewable energies

It is with this in mind that Symphony offers you:

         Support services for the definition of your TCAEP.

         Support for carrying out the actions of your TCAEP. 

The TCAEP applies to the scale of a given territory on which all the actors such as companies, associations, and citizens are mobilized. This is set up for a period of 6 years.

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